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Olive Crest is dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect by strengthening, equipping, and restoring children and families in crisis… One Life At A Time.®



reports of abuse are made every year involving 6.6 million children.

150 children

die every month (5/day or 1,800/year) because of abuse and neglect.

1 in 7 children

(14%) in the US experience abuse or neglect every year.

60% of children

lured into human trafficking come from the child welfare system.


Here at Olive Crest, we believe every child, young adult, and family is worthy of love, safety, and the opportunity to live a fulfilling life, free from pain, fear, and isolation. Every child who comes into our care will be nurtured in a safe and loving home.

Together, we can ensure kids experience the childhood they deserve.

Homes for Children, Teens, & Young Adults


Decades of experience have shown that it’s not just in times of crisis that we need to belong and feel a sense of support, but always. At Olive Crest, we don’t leave anyone on their own once they reach a certain age, but come alongside and support them for as long as they might need.

Once an Olive Crest kid, always an Olive Crest kid.

Independent Life Skills

Counseling & Mental Health Treatment

Education & Training



A strong family for every child… this is Olive Crest’s vision. With over 400,000 children in the welfare system, the need for communities, churches, and individuals to provide safe, loving homes is the solution. So many precious kids’ lives are hanging in the balance.

Together, we can make a difference.


Adoption Stability & Support

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