Meet the Amazing Woman Whose Love Changed 43 Young Lives Forever!

Over the last 18 years, Rozan Haynes has welcomed 43 children into her home. That’s not a misprint. Forty-three boys and girls have called her “Mom” and have been shaped into successful, productive adults through the loving care she provided.

She says, “Some of them came to me when they were 3 or 4 years old, and stayed with me until they finished high school. So really, I raised them.”

Rozan, who recently “retired” from taking more at-risk kids under her wing, was honored by Olive Crest. “I’m just on cloud nine because of the love they showed me,” she says. “What a wonderful way to retire.”

From the moment you meet her, it’s easy to see that Rozan is a special person. She exudes joy, enthusiasm, and love for God and children. It was her faith that first led her to Olive Crest. “I’d do it all again if I could,” she says. “In fact, I wish I could do it all again.”

“When you love God, you’re just naturally going to love His children.”

An accomplished writer with many Gospel songs and short stories to her credit, Rozan says, “When you’re caring for children, you’re writing their story. You’re taking away pain and writing in joy. Taking away anger and writing in happiness.” She explains the children who spent time in her care had been abused, abandoned, and neglected. “They had seen so many things children ought not to see. I told them, ‘I know you won’t forget your past, but you can set it aside, turn the page, and start writing a new story for your life.’”

“These Kids Needed Compassion”

Yes, there were some difficult times along the way. “There were some children I didn’t think I could handle at first.” One banged his head against the wall. Another cut himself. One 4-year-old threatened a little girl with a plastic knife, modeling his father’s anger and aggression. “These kids needed compassion . . . someone who cared enough to listen, so that’s what I did. I always let them know, ‘no matter what you do, I’m not going anywhere, and neither are you. We’re going to see this thing through.’ And that’s what we did.”

She adds, “I have to tell you, Olive Crest gave me the best support I could ever have asked for. They were always just a phone call away.”

Even though Rozan’s kids have grown up, she still keeps in touch with several of them. One young man is fulfilling his dream of serving in the Air Force. Another is a successful insurance broker. One just became a home owner. “I’m so proud of them,” she says.

“Who Could Ask for More?”

Her eyes light up when she thinks about a young man named Shad, who came to see her after hearing that she had undergone knee surgery. “I was trying to sit up and talk to him,” she recalls, “but he said, ‘Mom, I know you’re hurting. You need to be in bed.’ ” So he took me into my bedroom and tucked me into bed. Then he sat in a chair and talked to me for a long time.” She was deeply touched by this act of tenderness from a young man who was once troubled, angry, and lost.

“I’ve had people tell me that they don’t know why I did what I did, that they couldn’t do it,” she says. “But being a foster mom has given me so many wonderful things. Just to see a child who felt that nobody wanted him begin to blossom and grow and find his place in the world. Who could ask for more?”

San Manuel Band of Mission Indians grants $200,000 to help Olive Crest kids

Abused and Neglected Children to benefit from a generous grant from San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.

Olive Crest would like to thank San Manuel Band of Mission Indians for their continued support over the past 15 years. Olive Crest received a generous grant from the Tribe totaling $200,000 which will provide services for two of Olive Crest’s programs; The Ranch Group Home located in Perris serving at-risk youth boys ages 12-18, and Project Independence serving teens (18-21) aging out of foster care in Riverside and Coachella. San Manuel Band of Mission Indians has committed themselves to ensure that a brighter future is possible for the children and young adults of Olive Crest. Thank you San Manuel!

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Welcome our new Olive Crest – Orange County Region Executive Director!

Chief Executive Officer of Olive Crest, Donald Verleur II, announced the appointment of Kerri Dunkelberger as Executive Director of the Orange County region. Kerri comes with 26 years of experience in organizational leadership and on-profit program management. With 24 years of leadership experience at Olive Crest and 2 years as the Executive Director of Bethany Christian Services, Kerri not only brings the highest caliber of expertise, but passion for providing at-risk children with strong, loving families. Kerri holds a dual BA degree in Mass Communications and Business Administration, as well as a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling.

This appointment fits within Olive Crest’s strategy in achieving the organization’s Vision 2020 to increase its reach to 100,000 more children and families by the year 2020. Tim Bauer will continue in his key role as the Executive Director of Development, working alongside Kerri in building awareness and raising much needed community resources.

Olive Crest and Youth for Christ Team up to Help at Risk Children

TACOMA, Wash., July 12, 2016 — In an unprecedented move, Youth for Christ (YFC) in Tacoma has decided to shift its foster care and adoption services to Olive Crest Pacific Northwest.

After Youth for Christ’s decision to focus its ministry on 11 to 19-year-olds, the leadership sought out a credible, like-minded partner to operate its foster care services.

For more than 40 years, Olive Crest has provided foster care and adoption services in California, Nevada and the Pacific Northwest. The nonprofit organization is a leader in the prevention and treatment of child abuse, serving nearly 3,000 children and families each day.

Staff will grow to 103 serving the Seattle-Tacoma area, and will work with 305 families, and serve 249 kids in care in Pierce, Thurston, King, Snohomish, Skagit, Whatcom and Lewis counties.

The Youth for Christ foster care offices at 1216 Center Street will become part of Olive Crest under a lease agreement. The remaining YFC programs and staff will move to the organization’s Hilltop Offices, Ministry Headquarters at 1116 South 11th Street.

Olive Crest in Seattle and now Tacoma provides foster care services through secure, certified and trained loving families in therapeutically safe environments. In addition, the agency provides intensive treatment for children with complex emotional and behavioral needs that exceed what a regular foster care family can meet. Safe Families for Children is an additional program where parents experiencing a temporary crisis can arrange for their children to stay with Safe Families volunteers while they address the issues that led to the instability in their lives.

Olive Crest also offers parent education, counseling and case management services to help strengthen families to keep them together. The organization works with the state of Washington to ensure that safe and loving foster families are available to meet the needs of abused and neglected youth. Mental health staff is integrated into Olive Crest programs to provide high-quality and effective care.

More information

Contact: Heidi Riehl
(657) 622-4137

How a Caring Family Found Their Missing Piece


Two-year-old Ella is a bundle of energy and curiosity. She’s a happy little girl who adores her parents and her two older brothers.

Things are good for Ella these days, but it wasn’t always so. Born prematurely, she spent her first eight weeks in the intensive care unit. She came into the world with fetal alcohol syndrome, a heart problem, and visual issues. From the beginning, it seemed the odds were stacked against her…

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Funds Raised for Kids by Bowling in P.J.s!


Held this past month, Sleep Train’s Pajama Bowl was a huge success! At this annual event, attendees get to bowl in their P.J.s to raise money for foster kids. The total funds raised by all our teams have yet to be announced, but our staff team, Time to Spare, raised $1,900. We are so grateful for the 12 teams that brought energy and excitement to the night in order to help raise funds for our kids and families. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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Olive Crest’s Spring Concert Event Rocked at the House of Blues


Olive Crest’s annual spring fundraiser, held at the world-famous House of Blues in Anaheim on May 7, boasted a crowd of more than 300 guests passionate about child abuse prevention. Jimmy Wayne, country music star and New York Times bestselling author of Walk to Beautiful, shared his inspirational account of growing up as a foster kid. Mr. Wayne performed for the group, and Olive Crest foster kids shared their stories of transformation in a dramatic stage presentation. More than $200,000 was raised for Olive Crest programs serving at-risk children and families in the Orange County area. Thank you to all our guests, volunteers, committee members, and sponsors who made this event so successful!

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Foster Families Are Treated to a Day at Disneyland!

For National Foster Awareness Month in May, Olive Crest celebrated by hosting a Foster Family Appreciation Day at Disneyland. All certified foster families from our Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego areas were invited. There were 177 families welcomed to Disneyland for this special day.

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Savers Helps Make a Difference!


Donations were turned into dollars through a recent drive funded by Savers. In this program, donations are dropped off at Savers, which then offers funds to the organization. Olive Crest staff and volunteers collected more than 600 pounds of goods, including clothes, shoes, bedding, toys, books, and more. Thank you to Savers and all who participated to help Olive Crest programs and keep these items out of our landfills.

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