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Olive Crest’s Hope Refuge Campus in Santa Barbara aims to provide for one of the greatest needs of teens who have been trafficked: a safe place where they can be restored and healed.

Watch this video to see some of the incredible stories of transformed lives from Olive Crest’s Hope Refuge campus in Santa Barbara.

What We Do

We provide support for 16 survivors who, for six months or more, are part of our full-service, live-in center and are provided with counseling, therapeutic care, education, and a fun and loving environment.

The goal is to provide an opportunity for those affected by the abuse of trafficking to retreat to a beautiful natural setting that is safe, peaceful, and nurturing. These events will incorporate opportunities to relax, recreate, learn, and participate in times of focused therapy to address the unique issues associated with their restoration journey.

All of these will take place in our beautiful mountain facility located in 214 acres in the mountains of Santa Barbara, California filled with oak woodlands, rolling hills, and stunning ocean views.


Craig Braly

CEO, Energy Tubulars Inc.

Stephanie Braly

Owner, Plenty Boutique

Dean Wilson

President and CEO
The Turner Foundation – Since 1958

Ian Noyes

Director for Central and Northern California
National Christian Foundation

Mindy Noyes

Artist, Doula, Property Manager

Ryan Gallo

Attorney at Law
Modesto, California

Lisa Kus

Retired Insurance Consultant

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