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Young widow turns to Olive Crest’s Safe Families

“Abby, my daughter, was with the Safe Family for 43 days while I looked for housing and her father lay in the hospital dying” – Angelic

Angelic was living out of her car with her daughter while her husband was in the hospital.  When parents like Angelic have nowhere else to turn, Safe Families is there for them. Safe Families provides a loving home for children when a family is in crisis. It gives parents a chance to get back on their feet, knowing their child is safe.

Angelic turned to Safe Families to care for her daughter, Abby, when she had no one else who could help. It gave her the opportunity to find stable housing and be near her husband until he passed.  In their grief, Angelic and Abby were not alone. They were able to lean on Abby’s host family for love and support as they mourned their loss.

Abby’s host dad continued to be a part of her life. He took her to a daddy-daughter dance and out to breakfast on her birthday. And they helped watch Abby while Angelic finished her college courses.

Thanks to Safe Families, Abby and Angelic are now in stable housing and still have a strong relationship with Abby’s host family.

“Safe Families has been an amazing source of kindness, compassion and love. I can’t say enough great things about Safe Families” – Angelic

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