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At-Risk Teens Savor Graduation Milestones differently

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Kids and teens who are abused and neglected can’t focus on doing well in school — they are just fighting to survive. For some, though, this year is different. They’re graduating — a success they never would have reached without your help.
Chaplain Frank Fried shared some words on the success of these new graduates:
What an immense privilege to be a part of this important time of life for the many Olive Crest youth who are in the high school graduation time of their lives. I just went to two high school graduations with other Olive Crest staff members and clients who are friends and important people in the lives of our grads. We were there to hoot-n-holler when their names were called when receiving their diplomas. Some of our grads had family members in attendance, others did not. Either way, all of us are family on occasions like this.
After one of the graduations, Frank and other Olive Crest staff went back to one of the graduate’s group homes — where his biological family prepared a celebration dinner. Chaplain Frank shares:
For a couple of hours, we weren’t staff and teens, or chaplain and parent….We were just people…people who care about the life, success, and future of a teen who just achieved a huge milestone.
When I first came to Olive Crest so many years ago, I did not fully appreciate that, God willing, all those kids were going to be adults someday. They become moms and dads and employees and employers. They start businesses, attend church and are a blessing to so many people they encounter throughout life….Yes, we are here to teach and guide our children and youth. But it is so true that it is more bless-ed to give than receive. We receive so much and learn so much from the youth we care for. I feel like I just graduated!
These new graduates would not have had the support they needed to succeed without your help. Thank you!
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