Child Abuse
Stops Here®

Let’s stop the cycle…together.

Isolation. Past abuse. Poor coping skills. Brokenness. So many families and parents without the resources to change, turn to old patterns and learned behaviors passed down through generations, resulting in continued abuse and a seemingly never-ending cycle. But, we can stop it…together.

You Can...

  • Open your home to a child in need
  • Come alongside families and children and share a few hours of your time
  • Support Olive Crest financially
  • Involve your corporation in our Child Abuse Stops Here campaign
  • Speak up and build awareness in your community
  • Start a host home volunteer effort in your church

Olive Crest’s proven model helps prevent abuse and neglect, stops the cycle of child abuse, and enables children and families to become healthy productive citizens.

Ending Child Abuse

As our mission states, we are dedicated to the prevention of child abuse, the treatment and education of at-risk children, and preserving the family…One Life at a Time®.

When you partner with us, you are helping to further that mission. Your time, financial support, and prayers are critical in our relentless pursuit to address the causes of abuse, ensure each child is in the care of a strong family, and to put a stop to the cycle… once and for all.

You can find out more about how you can help here.