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Olive Crest’s philosophy of unconditional care is life-long and imprints a sense of security that is often expressed throughout our hallways with pride: “Once an Olive Crest kid, always an Olive Crest kid!” Through the healing power of family, and forever part of the Olive Crest family, our children can feel confident in the knowledge that they will always have a family to rely upon.

Over 70,000 children and families are part of the Olive Crest family for life.


At-risk children come from extremely volatile environments. Many have been deprived of basic physical and emotional needs, and haven’t been able to mature in a well-balanced way. When surrounded with positive relationships, nurturing, and acceptance these children begin to thrive.

Olive Crest programs that provide loving homes include:

Foster Family Olive Crest

Foster Care Services

Olive Crest recruits, trains, and certifies foster family homes from the community to provide nurturing, secure, and therapeutically safe environments for foster children. Foster children and parents are provided ongoing therapy, training, and support services.

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Bedroom Olive Crest

Residential Program

Our Residential program allows teens to live in a caring environment appropriate for their age, gender, and background. Youth are empowered to choose a positive lifestyle through services that are individual, unique, and implemented with dignity.

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Safe Families Olive Crest

Safe Families for Children

Parents experiencing a temporary crisis can arrange for their children (newborn through 16 years old) to stay with Safe Families volunteers while they address the issues that led to the instability in their lives.

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Olive Crest ensures each of our children is equipped with the resources, knowledge, and support they need to accomplish their goals. Big or small, we believe every achievement is important in creating a path to becoming healthy, productive citizens.

Olive Crest programs that provide tools for success include:

Chaplaincy olive Crest


This program is designed to address the spiritual and value clarification needs of our youth. Our goal is to provide activities and opportunities to encourage them to explore this area of their lives. Participation in this program is always voluntary.

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Community Involvement

Community Involvement offers a continuum of services geared towards helping children and families by providing them with tools and resources they need to live successfully – such as mentoring, volunteerism, nutrition, and independent living skills.

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Education Olive Crest


Our programs help our youth to advance academically – including tutoring, after-school computer lab instruction on up-to-date software, and a scholarship program for worthy students to attend community colleges, universities, and trade schools.

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Family Resource Center Olive Crest

Family Resource Center

Early intervention and prevention assistance delivered through the FRC can help prevent further crises in families, and consequently prevent more undesirable problems (e.g. child maltreatment, juvenile delinquency, school failure, etc).

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Mental Health Olive Crest

Mental Health Services

Mental health staff are integrated into Olive Crest programs our goal is to provide high-quality and effective care that will lead children, youth, and families to healing, wholeness, and stronger relationships with one another.

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Wraparound Olive Crest


Wraparound serves children and families by providing a family-centered, strength-based planning approach to help children remain in a home environment rather than residential care.

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