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Preemie Baby Thriving With Olive Crest Foster Family

Olive Crest’s Foster department got a call about a “Safe Surrender” baby girl needing a family. She was born prematurely between 25 and 27 weeks, and weighed less than 2 pounds.
She faced quite a battle for survival. About three months after her birth, however, she was off the breathing and feeding tubes, and she had proven herself quite the fighter. An Olive Crest foster family committed to caring for her and spent as much time as possible at the hospital.
Although the family recognized that this child could face some frightening health risks, her foster mom passionately said that they are ready to love this little girl, regardless of the obstacles that may come. They worked closely with doctors, physical therapists, and nurses to learn as much as they could to prepare for her transition home.
The baby’s progress has been nothing short of remarkable. Soon she weighed 4 pounds, 8 ounces. Her foster mom has commented often about how amazing it is to see the visible changes in this little girl.
However, just a few weeks later, her weight reached 6 pounds, 8 ounces, and she was able to go home with her foster parents. Everyone shares what a blessing it has been to witness such a big miracle in this precious, tiny baby.

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