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Olive Crest Volunteers Make Hope Possible!

Olive Crest Volunteers Make Hope Possible!
We are so grateful for our community volunteers! Without you, Olive Crest children may not know how much they are loved and thought of…like a gentleman we recently had come on board at Olive Crest in the Pacific Northwest (West Sound region).
As he comes to our office each week, his heart is to use his handyman skills to improve our facilities, so that we can better serve children and families, and provide a clean, safe environment. He has fixed plumbing issues, patched up paint work, and pressure-washed our basketball court (where families visit) leaving it looking brand new! You name it, and he is on it!
This has been such a blessing to our staff and the children and families we serve! And it’s such a great example of how everyone can use their talents to do something to support children and families in need!

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