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Olive Crest Giving, Helping Families and Children in Need

Now more than ever, America needs a renewed focus on caring — and giving. In this unusually challenging time, we encourage you to dig deep, open your heart and consider a donation to an organization that works hard to keep kids safe and families together: Olive Crest.

At-Risk Children Need Your Help

Olive Crest is a nonprofit composed of families and child-advocacy experts helping families to help stop the cycle of poverty, despair, and potential violence.
When it comes to children at risk for neglect, abuse, or other adverse childhood experiences, there are many factors at work.
By providing the resources and support families need to break the patterns of harmful behaviors, we enable them to realize their potential as loving, nurturing family units. We believe children thrive when they have a strong support network, which is why we equip them with the resources they need to stay together and work with them to restore families to a place of healthy functionality and resilience.
We recognize, support, and appreciate the value of the child welfare system. But we also believe children deserve every possible chance to remain within a healthy, loving family. An important part of our mission is to facilitate that possibility by making homes safer for kids, and by providing parents the resources they so desperately need to unlearn unhealthy patterns and develop better strategies for coping, so that families may thrive.

We Can’t Do It Alone

Olive Crest is recognized as a highly-effective care provider for children in crisis. As such, we receive up to 80 percent of our operational funding from the state. But that means we rely on generous donations from individuals to make up our lean, not-for-profit annual budget. Sometimes, children and families can’t do it on their own. They need help. Help that can only come from generous contributors like you; individuals who recognize that our children represent our future.
We are among the few child and family charities that focus not only on child safety but on breaking generations-old negative patterns and behaviors in families, helping families “reboot” and discover better strategies for coping with the daily struggles of life. We help to ensure the sanctity of birth families, and we provide firm but gentle guidance for parents and guardians who seek to do better for their children.
To further this essential work, we need your assistance. Help us help families remain united, while also thriving.
Your contribution helps make all the difference in countless lives, in multiple ways, and may ripple throughout multiple lives, fostering positive change for generations to come.
Your generous contribution goes toward the tireless work of stopping child abuse and neglect and helping families struggling with issues ranging from unemployment and homelessness to substance abuse and mental health issues.
Every contribution remains within the community where it was given, so you can rest assured you will be making a difference right where you live.

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