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Medically Fragile Foster Child Wants To Swim


Born with Downs Syndrome and a heart condition, Sammy relies on a permanent IV to his heart that supplies him with essential medication. Water can damage the IV and put Sammy at risk, so he’d never even been able to take a traditional bath. At five years old, he didn’t understand why he couldn’t play in the water with his friends and siblings.
Through Tailor Made, Sammy was gifted a specially made dry suit that would keep his IV safe and dry while he was in the water. Thanks to the new suit, Sammy was finally able to have his first swim!

Watch Sammy swim for the first time!

Olive Crest’s Tailor Made program provides foster children with enriching activities that help them grow into their unique and wonderfully made selves. For Sammy, this looked like a special dry suit so he could experience swimming for the first time. For other kids it may look like art classes, karate lessons, or instruments to play music. Each of these gifts aim to nurture creativity and joy in each child in ways that are best suited to them as individuals.

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