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Glitz & Glamour Event Prepares Teens for Prom

Every year, Olive Crest in Los Angeles hosts an event consisting of a prom dress and suit drive, followed by a selection event. We just celebrated yet another year of success with our Glitz and Glamour event! The prom dress and suit drive gives generous donors the opportunity to offer delicately used bridesmaid dresses, cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and suits for Olive Crest teens. Donors also offer jewelry, ties, dress shoes, and high heels, as well.
Shortly after, the prom dress and suit selection event invited high school juniors and seniors within the community to select a high-quality dress or suit for prom night, free of charge.
A total of 471 prom dresses; 89 pairs of dress shoes; and 102 suits, pants, and dress shirts were supplied by donors.
All the dresses, suits, and accessories donated for Glitz & Glamour gave teenagers the opportunity to look radiant on prom night. Thank you!

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