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It’s a Celebration of Forever Families!

It’s a Celebration of Forever Families!
Announcing Olive Crest’s 2,500th Adoption
At Olive Crest, we believe every child needs a strong family, and adoption is just one of the ways caring people can provide that for abused and neglected children.
With that said, we’re thrilled to announce that a 4-year-old boy named Xavier has become the 2,500th child to find a forever family through Olive Crest. His new parents, Ruben and Melinda, first heard about Olive Crest through their church. They already had one son, Lorenzo, and knew they had more love to give. Initially, they planned to provide temporary care for children who would eventually be reunited with their biological parents.
Then they heard about Xavier, who was waiting for a foster or adoptive home. After meeting Xavier, Ruben and Melinda decided to become his foster parents and then quickly felt called to adopt him. Less than a year later, they stood in a Southern California courtroom, surrounded by family, friends, and Olive Crest staff, as Xavier became their son!
Thank you for all you’ve done to make it possible for Olive Crest to help 2,500 children like Xavier find loving forever families. What a blessing you are!

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