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Anna’s Story of Restoration

“For the first time in my life, I know what peace looks like.” 

the hope refuge campus, santa barbara, ca

We are thrilled to share the inspiring journey of Anna, our recent graduate from Olive Crest’s Hope Refuge Campus. Anna’s achievements over the past eight months have surpassed all expectations. Despite facing significant trauma, she not only successfully graduated high school through our onsite program, she achieved all her mental health goals and secured a part-time job at the local Costco.

When Anna first arrived at the Hope Refuge Campus, she was discouraged and hesitant due to past family neglect and abuse. Having entered the child welfare system at a young age, she has learned to survive in a world where trust was scarce and vulnerability was high. She experienced horrific sexual exploitation, her schooling was interrupted, and she struggled with serious mental health issues. This only further complicated her journey.

However, the Hope Refuge Campus became a turning point for Anna. Determined to heal and rebuild her life, she quickly connected with the Olive Crest team who believed in her potential. During a group tour, she expressed, “For the first time in my life, I know what peace looks like. I never want to return to a life where I’m always looking over my shoulder. The staff here believe in me, and that makes me feel supported and not alone anymore.”

Anna is now  a part of an independent living program near her family and friends. She continued to receive the support needed to thrive as she prepares for college and embraces the new chapter in her life.


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