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Volunteer Tutors Helping At-Risk Kids and Teens Succeed

Volunteer Tutors Helping At-Risk Kids and Teens Succeed
Brandon, a volunteer tutor, front and center with his award, next to staff from Olive Crest in Los Angeles (Jessica Leon, Family Resource Center Coordinator, and Nick King, Community Involvement Coordinator)
At-risk kids and teens may not always get the help in school that they need – volunteer tutors can make a huge difference in a student’s education. It’s so important to acknowledge tutors like Brandon, who volunteered over 80 hours as a tutor for Olive Crest.
Brandon volunteered from summer 2017 until the end of the year. He tutored in a variety of subjects, helping students from ages five to 10 years old. Hundreds of other students who volunteer were nominated by The Bellflower Volunteer Center, but it was Brandon who was recognized as Student Volunteer of the Year during the volunteer center’s ceremony. His total hours stood out amongst the other candidates. The Mayor of Bellflower, Ray Dunton, recognized Brandon for his awesome volunteering. He will be attending UC Berkeley in the Fall.
Thanks to our volunteers and donors, Olive Crest kids are receiving the tutoring they need to succeed!

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