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Thank You for Helping Olive Crest Build Happy Families!

Thank You for Helping Olive Crest Build Happy Families!
Happy. Energetic. Outgoing. These are some of the words that come to mind when you first meet Tristan and Eli Struwe. They are bright-eyed boys who love each other, their parents, and fun outings like trips to Disneyland.
And it’s obvious that they are the light in the eyes of their parents, Kelly and Bryan.
“They’re awesome boys,” Bryan says. “Great brothers. They’re not from the same parents, but you’d never know it — they’re so close and kindhearted toward each other.”
But life would be much different for these two little guys — and their parents, too — if not for caring friends like you who support the work of Olive Crest. Both boys were born to women who couldn’t care for them. They had no families to love them or help them fulfill their potential.

Help From Above

As far back as she can remember, Kelly knew she wanted to adopt a child someday. “It was just something God put on my heart,” she says. Bryan saw things differently. In fact, he became frustrated when his wife talked about adopting. “I’m a Choctaw Indian — and it was very important to me that I continue my own bloodline.” But then something happened. “God started chipping away at my heart,” he says. “And my attitude changed.”
Shortly after Kelly and Bryan decided to adopt through Olive Crest, the call came. An 8-month-old boy was in urgent need of a loving family. And amazingly, the child was a full-blooded Choctaw Indian, the same as Bryan! Kelly had chills, feeling blessed by the gift of this child. When Tristan came into the family in February of 2015, he was uncertain and withdrawn. But with the warmth and care of his new parents’ love, his personality quickly began to develop and blossom. As for Kelly and Bryan, they felt a joy and peace they had never experienced before.

Another Dream Comes True

Seven months later, Bryan and Kelly received another call about a child who was in need of a home. He was a
healthy baby boy named Eli. Kelly cried as once again, she felt that God was giving her the desires of her heart.
She says that she and Bryan have received a tremendous amount of support from Olive Crest. “Olive Crest is like our extended family,” she says. They’ve always been there for us, helping us through the tough moments, giving support when we need it.”
“It’s obvious that they love children, and that’s so important to us,” Bryan
says. A grin spreads across his face as he watches his sons at play. “I can’t believe I was ever against adopting. When I come home from work, and my boys run to the door to greet me, yelling, ‘Daddy! Daddy!’ Well, there’s really nothing like it.”
At Olive Crest, we work hard to ensure that children who need forever families are matched with the right parents.
And in the case of Tristan and Eli, it’s clear there was a “higher” plan in
motion. The Bible says, “God sets the lonely in families. . .” (Psalm 68:6), and sometimes, He does that through generous, caring hearts like yours.
Thank you for helping to make it all possible

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