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Teacher Adopts Student through Olive Crest

James was removed from the only home he had ever known and placed into the foster care system at the age of 8.

Once in “the system” he was placed in one home after another. And so it went for this little boy until the

James would often spend his lunchtime with Mrs. Smith, where they would talk about his story, the lack of stability in his life, and the fading hope that he would ever find a forever home. Moved by his story, Mrs. Smith and her husband contacted Olive Crest. They became licensed foster parents and welcomed James into their home and family. Finally, James had the stability and love he so desperately needed.

Now James has a forever family with the Smiths, and he is thriving! He is an accomplished student, at the top of his marksmanship team and ROTC, and a loving big brother to his adopted sisters.

James’ experience of instability in foster care isn’t unusual, and many children experience multiple placements often before they even have a chance to settle in. But, because of your generosity, Olive Crest has a different story. 99% of the children we serve have two or fewer placements.

Your support is providing foster children with safe homes and loving families, access to counseling services, guidance and emotional support, and so much more!

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