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Summer Camp Proves Life-Changing for One Child

Campbell Nelson Auto Dealership partnered with Olive Crest this summer to provide camp experiences for some of our foster children, and which proved to be life-changing for one young camper.
Sarah, age 9, couldn’t attend camp in the past because of her behavioral and safety needs. This year, Cedar Springs Camp assigned her an individual counselor, creating a new opportunity.
Sarah made three new friends, which is significant for a child who struggles in social situations. Sarah boosted her self confidence by sharing her love of drawing and painting with other campers. A favorite moment was using the cooled ashes from a campfire to make a drawing.
At camp, Sarah was able to release her energy positively through play and activities, creating a camp experience she will treasure. The skills and confidence she gained are priceless.
This kind of experience is behind Campbell Nelson’s “Kids to Camp” crusade, which helps send foster kids to camp with every new car sold. With their goal of $60,000, they are giving foster children the opportunity to share in the joy and experiences of summer camp.
Olive Crest is one of several organizations benefiting from this program. Campbell Nelson Auto Dealership raised more than $55,000, with nearly $18,400 going to Olive Crest. We thank Campbell Nelson for the difference it is making in the lives of our kids and the community.

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