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A Stars Gala Story: Sean’s Chance to Shine

A Stars Gala Story: Sean’s Chance to Shine
At 15 years old, Sean knew he had to make a better life for himself. His home was not a safe place, with a parent’s drug addiction leading to physical abuse for Sean.
Courageously, Sean left home to stay with a family friend, who took him under her wing and got him connected to Olive Crest. The Olive Crest team equipped and coached Sean to help him create a new path, free of abuse. He began doing well in school and created healthy friendships with his peers.
Shortly after, Sean was invited to attend the Stars Gala in September. He was thrilled to attend an event he would never have thought possible. Dressed to the nines and exercising the skills he gained over the last several months, Sean, a once timid young man, now greeted others, engaging his table in conversation and laughter, demonstrating a sense of personal pride and confidence that he never had before. These are the moments we at Olive Crest can say a hearty thank you to YOU for…lives are changing. And you are helping to make a difference!

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