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From PTSD to Life Transformation

Jacob is 17 and has a history of being abused as a child, both physically and sexually. These experiences brought upon Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and ongoing depression as a teenager. In order to cope, he turned to substances which eventually triggered him to become aggressive.

One such instance landed Jacob behind bars, in a reality he never would have thought possible.

Following his incarceration, he was placed at an Olive Crest home. Jacob didn’t want to be there and ran away within weeks. Yet, after 3 days on his own, Jacob called Olive Crest for help.

During that call, he was honest and transparent. He opened up and explained for the first time why he ran away. The majority-male staff triggered his trauma and made him anxious on a daily basis. He was scared of being abused again.

With ongoing dedicated care, trust and rapport was built when he returned. Jacob especially bonded with Hayley, an Olive Crest clinician, and Tom, the most senior staff person at the facility. These two staff worked together to ensure Jacob felt safe, cared for, and in a place where he could heal and develop skills to move beyond his trauma.

As God frequently does, He blessed more than just Jacob. Tom, a 72 year old Navy Veteran, found that working with Jacob gave him something valuable to offer post-retirement.

“At the onset, Jacob was reluctant to open up or trust anyone because of all he had been through. I made no attempt to develop a plan or to force any conversations. We would just talk. Talk about anything and nothing at all. I shared some of my life and he began to share some of his. At one point he introduced me to his mother-he allowed me to see that part of his life and why he was so conflicted about the mother he loved but could not trust.

I think my fondest memory of Jacob was the day I took him for his first job interview (a job he snagged on that same day). He was so nicely dressed and confident, it left me feeling “papa-proud” of the progress he had made.”

– Tom, Olive Crest Staff,
Advocate/Friend to Jacob

Jacob graduated from the program last fall, and has since moved into a transitional living center operated by Olive Crest. There he has found support, new friendships, and is pursuing a high school diploma while working a part time job. He has also maintained his sobriety.

By his own decision, Jacob continues to participate in therapy. He has also reengaged with his biological mother through Olive Crest family counseling, allowing that bond to be restored and on a path toward a healthy relationship. It brought everyone at Olive Crest so much joy to see them reunited as a family.

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