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Once an Olive Crest Kid, Always an Olive Crest Kid

Olive Crest is dedicated to serving children and families in crisis One Life at a Time®.  Over the last 50 years, Olive Crest has served more than 200,000 children and families in crisis.

In the child welfare system, once a child turns 18, they “age out” of the system, meaning they have reached the maximum age that the state will support them without being reunited with their family or being placed in a permanent home. In 2020, more than 20,000 youth exited the child welfare system without being reunited with their families or finding a permanent home. In many cases, children who have aged out of the system are unprepared for the harsh reality they are facing. Those who have aged out without finding a permanent home are more likely to experience homelessness, incarceration, and become victims of sex trafficking. It is also likely that those who have aged out with have difficulty finding employment and continuing their education.

Olive Crest has spent the past 50 years actively working to break the cycle. Our work doesn’t end when a teen turns 18, instead, Olive Crest continues to offer support for those who have “aged out” of the child welfare system. From counseling, education, and mentoring, to providing housing, Olive Crest works tirelessly to help these teens transition into healthy adulthood. Olive Crests Operation Independence program helps teach youth the skills they need for a successful future. These programs include a range of independent living skills classes, such as personal hygiene, understanding health insurance, dealing with roommates, understanding public transportation, getting and keeping a job, and dealing with lifelong trauma. Olive Crest continues to redefine the way that children and families in crisis are supported and equipped. Through these programs, Olive Crest ensures that those who graduate are safe, stable, and have the life skills to be healthy and productive. Most importantly, we ensure that they are connected to a stable and healthy community of support. It is our belief that once an Olive Crest kid, always an Olive Crest kid.

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