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The Blue Ribbon

This symbol was established in 1989 when a Virginia grandmother lost her grandson to child abuse. After his death, she tied a blue ribbon to the antenna of her van to alert her community to the ultimate tragedy of abuse. The color blue represents the bruised and battered body of her grandchild, and wearing it serves as a constant reminder to fight for our children.

Report Suspected Child Abuse
If you suspect abuse, please click here.


Help keep children safe by…

Downloading a free Keeping Children Safe manual in English or Spanish. This informative piece includes tips on parenting, resource outlets, and indicators of abuse.

Inviting a representative to speak to your organization or company about National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness month. Speakers are available within the regions served by Olive Crest.
Invite a representative today!

Becoming a Keeping Children Safe Cause-Related Marketing Partner. Your company’s help can make a difference in the life of an abused child. Partner with Olive Crest!
Providing respite and support for a family in crisis. Learn more about the Strong Families program.

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