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Holly’s Story

“My name is Holly, I am 15 years old, and I have been with Olive Crest for 2 and a ½ years. I was removed from my parents care when I was five or six because they were abusive to my siblings and I. I went on to live in several different homes, but never found a place I truly felt accepted. I refused direction and ran away a lot. When it felt like there was no where else to go, I came to Olive Crest. At the time, I was still angry with adults because all the adults I had ever been abandoned, abused, or disrespected me.


Once at Olive Crest, I began to learn how to cope with my anger and how to trust adults. The staff helped me to communicate my anger appropriately and over time, I began to understand that not everyone was going to hurt me. It was during this time that I found God, started going to church regularly, and reading the Bible on my own time. I quickly realized that being a Christian is not just a Sunday thing and that with God on my side, I can do anything.


I hope to one day graduate college and pursue a career as an attorney, but for now I like to read, listen to music, and I am learning how to bake.”


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