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Hillcrest Church Helps Hurting Children Feel More at Home

Thank you to Hillcrest Church for the beautiful renovation of the visitation room at our West Sound office! 

Children and families trying to rebuild need nurturing, safe places to meet. Thanks to Hillcrest Church, now we have that kind of space at our West Sound office in the Pacific Northwest. A team of 20 volunteers from the church put in more than 200 hours to make it more inviting for families. A visitation worker shared:
I still remember the look on the face of the little 2-year-old girl when she first walked into the visit room after it had been renovated. The door opened, she stepped inside, and her eyes lit up. She stared with excitement as she took in all the colors around the room. She ran towards the closest toy and began to play.
Thank you, Hillcrest Church!

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