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Helen: A Life Transformed

Helen, 16, was referred to Olive Crest through probation. With tears in her eyes, Helen’s mom revealed that Helen’s suicidal tendencies were her biggest fear. At first, Helen was hesitant to accept any help—but her love for her family became her motivation.
Over the course of one month, the typically timid Helen began to blossom. Helen’s mom shared how she loved seeing Helen happy and smiling again.
Helen got even further on her path to success by earning additional educational credits in summer school and attending adult school for credits necessary for her grade level.
She attended an eight-week summer physical education course and passed with an A — a huge success, since P.E. had previously been a challenge. Helen also applied to a program that helps kids explore their interests. This will give her the opportunity to volunteer at a local hospital. Because of all the love and support she has received, Helen continues to work on reaching her goals and has a bright future ahead.

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