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Families and Children Now Visit in a Special “Family Room”

Olive Crest in Orange County recently opened its “family room,” where we provide supervised and monitored visitation services for families with children in foster care. Since this program started, 100 families have been served every week, and our desire with the family room is to provide a fun, friendly place where parents can develop their skills as they seek to reunify with their children.
The facility was designed to meet the unique needs of children who have experienced trauma. Neutral colors and comfortable furniture provide a calming effect for children and their parents. We have limited our center to five families at a time to limit noise, and keep things as calm and pleasant as possible. The room is divided into five separate settings with furniture, toys, games, and activities. We also have a room for monitored visitation, where one family at a time can visit peacefully.
Families and Children Now Visit in a Special "Family Room"
The work of reunification reaches well beyond the length of these visits, and we consider it a privilege to coach mothers and fathers as they develop their parenting skills.
Your support helped make the family room a reality. Thank you!

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