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The child welfare system was never intended to replace the family.

  • In our country, there are 400,000 children in the child welfare system, and an estimated 6.6 million children in crisis.
  • 5 children die every day from abuse.
  • Every 10 seconds a report of child abuse is made in our country, affecting 6.6 million children every year.

The Solution: By God’s design, true transformation comes through the power of God, family, and community. Activating God’s family, His Church, will have an exponential effect reaching thousands more children and creating a lifelong safety net for them.

The Reason: God’s family should be known for loving their neighbors and serving widows and orphans.

Timing: Right now, there is a growing movement of God’s family connecting with their communities and retaking their place to care for their vulnerable neighbors. God has uniquely positioned Olive Crest to serve His people in this effort.

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