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Olive Crest Celebrates 50 Years of Transforming Lives

On Saturday, February 25th , Olive Crest hosted their 50th  Anniversary Gala at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel. 1,200 guests, from all over the Western United States, gathered to celebrate the growth of Olive Crest and honor the vision of founders, Dr. Don and Lois Verleur. The celebration included a silent auction, testimonials, and performances from Imagination Entertainment. Attendees were guided through the last 50 years of Olive Crest by host Perry King, actor, Olive Crest National Spokesman, and Trustee.

“For the kids” was echoed by each and every supporter who took the stage on Saturday night and this sentiment vibrated through the ballroom. Everyone present was an invested member of the Olive Crest family. The testimonials from adults who found family within Olive Crest’s care as a child did not leave a dry eye in the house, and cheers erupted from the crowd when Diana shared that both her children and herself were currently enrolled in college. The importance of Olive Crest’s work… One Life at a Time®… was emphasized again and again throughout the event.

Thank you to all the sponsors, donors, staff, volunteers, and attendees who made the night a huge success. With the generous support of attendees, over $1 million dollars was raised to support Olive Crest in the mission to continue transforming lives and preventing child abuse by strengthening, equipping, and restoring children and families in crisis… One Life at a Time®.

But unfortunately, there is still more work to be done! It is our mission to serve 1.2 million children and families by 2030. You can help save the life of a child and break generational cycles of abuse for years to come. Everyone can do something…What’s your something?

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