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The gift of a forever family.

After seeing the struggles of abused children, the Cooks wanted to make a difference by adopting kids into their home. Their first child, Abbagail, came to them as a shy, quiet three-year-old who was hesitant to interact with others. She had witnessed domestic violence and survived sexual abuse. The Cooks also welcomed Ricky into their home. At the time he was an 18-month-old baby boy who had been neglected by his mother after she, being very young and unprepared herself, was unable to take care of him.
Through the Cooks’ gentle care and unconditional love, both children have flourished. Abbagail has blossomed into a very intelligent and happy girl who loves participating in cheerleading, soccer, and dance. Ricky is now an active little boy who has developed a sweet, energetic personality. He loves interacting with other people, adults and children alike.
The Cooks have truly demonstrated how the healing power of family can transform the lives of children like Abbagail and Ricky. Though there have been challenges along the way, the Cooks have committed to being loving parents to Abbagail and Ricky, and have given them the gift of a forever family.

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