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A Full-Circle Story | Working to “Break the Cycle”

I grew up in a very quiet, lonely household with my dad who was a functioning alcoholic and suffered from mental illness. At 12 years old, I became uncontrollable and unsupervised, which I know now is a dangerous combination.  As a teen, I went to Olive Crest, but wasn’t ready to accept the help that was offered to me. I kept running away, but Olive Crest continued to let me come back. Eventually, I ended up in juvenile hall, and things only got worse. From there, I experienced homelessness, sex trafficking addiction, and violence.

I became pregnant at the age of 15 and promised myself I would never be like my parents. I got clean and was introduced to education, which saved my life. When things seemed to be getting better, I became pregnant again at 17.

Fast forward, I earned my Associates degree at a local community college, where teachers championed my success and I learned that I was intelligent. I earned a well-paying job that I held for 17 years. I bought my own home for my children and I, but my addiction started to overtake everything again. I found a recovery program and my only thought during that time was “Breaking the Cycle.” By the grace of God, I am fully recovered.

I now work at Olive Crest with teens and young adults who are in similar situations that I once was. I strive to set the example of learning, a reflection of the past, and service to others. My wish is to lead those I work with toward a safe and productive future. Remember – “God heard your prayer, Move forward with confidence. God has your back.”

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