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22 new bicycles donated for Olive Crest young adults

It’s such a blessing to see how connections bring so many unexpected blessings to Olive Crest children and young adults. Here’s just one example . . .
Together We Rise is an organization committed to improving the lives of children in foster care. They do this by collaborating with individuals, companies, and community partners who are willing to share their resources.
Recently, Together We Rise donated 22 new bicycles to Olive Crest. These bikes will be a great help to our 18- to 20-year-old young adults. Many cannot afford a car and must use other transportation, like the bus. These bikes will allow them to go to class or work without having to rely on others. Plus, bikes are inexpensive to own and don’t need gasoline.
You never know how and when Olive Crest kids will receive a special blessing.

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