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We are excited to welcome the YFC Foster Care ministry, its staff, families, and giving partners under Olive Crest’s organizational umbrella. Olive Crest feels a close affinity to YFC Foster Care and its culture, and we are excited to maintain and build upon that amazing platform. As a YFC Foster Care supporter, you may have questions about how this change will impact you or the ministry. We’ve compiled some FAQs below to help provide clarity.

A: YFC staff will continue in the same roles and operate out of the current address in Tacoma. All foster families will continue to be served in the same way. While some change is inevitable, we are committed to limiting change to only things that are absolutely necessary.
A: Our organization’s statement of faith reads: Olive Crest seeks to make available the teachings of Judeo-Christian principles while respecting the religious background of each individual. We acknowledge the Bible to be the inspired Word of God that teaches there is one Triune God and that salvation is a gift gained through forgiveness.
A: Your generous contributions will continue to support the YFC Foster Care ministry as a part of Olive Crest’s programs serving-at risk children in the greater Seattle area.
A: Over the next several months, you can expect emails, newsletters, and other information from Olive Crest telling you about the scope and breadth of our programs and services, as well as regular updates on the children and families of the YFC Foster Care program.
Check out this informational video from Youth for Christ’s Program Director, Jeff Clare and Olive Crest’s Executive Director, Jeff Judy.

Thank you for continuing your monthly financial support. Your compassionate gifts will help sustain support of all current YFC Foster families and children. 

Your privacy and personal information security is extremely important to us. Please complete the form below to confirm your monthly commitment continuation and to ensure accuracy.

Thank you and God bless you as you give!

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