Fostering in the Pacific Northwest

Do you feel called to host a child in your home? Whether you provide a child with a short-term stay or longer-term care, your loving home can be an incredibly important stop on their journey — one that leads them to a hopeful, healthy future. Each child is different, coming to us with all manner of abuse and neglect experiences, and requiring varying levels of care.

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Here in the Pacific Northwest, our specialized areas of foster care are:

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Emergency Foster Care (Receiving Care)

Children come into the foster care system at all hours of the day and night. Our Receiving Care program is made up of foster families who are ready and waiting to immediately receive children coming into care. These families are prepared to provide emergent care for a child for up to 60 days, knowing that they will receive limited information about that child at time of placement. During this time, state social workers will determine if the child can return home, be placed with a relative, or if they are in need of a long-term home. Entering foster care is frightening and overwhelming for children – Olive Crest trains and supports families to provide a safe and stable landing place for children facing this challenging situation.

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Therapeutic Foster Care (Behavior Rehabilitation Services/BRS)

BRS families are ready to embrace our children who require a higher level of care. These children are between the ages of 6-18 years old, have complicated stories, and are in need of families who can commit to them and can see beyond the expressed behavior to their true identity. This program is a team partnership: Olive Crest staff wrap around the whole family unit to provide support through the process and to offer creative strategies for the obstacles that arise. BRS families are determined and persevering, willing to be flexible, and are open to the challenge of providing children with a high level of support.

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Extended Foster Care

Each year, many foster children reach their 18th birthday without a forever family. These youth are in need of a strong family who can support them as they navigate the transition to adulthood. Extended foster care families are willing to take placement of youth ages 18-20, and help them to achieve independence by supporting them through and beyond this important transition.

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Safely returning children to the care of their birth family is our goal.  But there are times when reunification is not possible. Olive Crest facilitates, and supports, adoptions into forever families for children who are not able to be reunified with their birth family, by providing case management and mental health services. Our adoptive families understand the beauty and heartache of adoption, and are prepared to support and cherish their adoptive children’s bond with their family of origin.


If becoming a foster parent through Olive Crest sounds like something you would be interested in pursuing, please click below to contact one of our dedicated fostering case specialists who will provide you with further information. Thank you for the time and importance you have placed on making your decision.

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