Orange County Careers

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Marketing Manager (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs. Responsible to develop, organize, and implement effective marketing, public relations, and strategies which will enable Olive Crest to reach goals. Qualified candidates must have a related Bachelor’s degree with a combination of agency and non-profit experience, a minimum of 5 years Marketing experience, and a minimum of 2 years supervisory experience. Must have a proficient understanding of Direct Mail and fundraising best practices. (posted 8/28/20)

Development Support Manager (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs. Responsible for managing various internal and external fundraising events, providing oversight of support groups while providing support services to the Associate Director of Development. Must have relevant work experience such as coordinating volunteers, supporting auxiliary groups, planning events, etc. Technical skills must include strong working knowledge of virtual meeting platforms, Microsoft Office Suite, and Social Media platforms. Related Bachelor’s degree preferred. (posted 8/28/20)



Assistant Teacher (Orange and Garden Grove)

FT/40 hrs. Responsible for assisting teachers in guiding students in the classroom. Responsible for the transportation of clients to and from school as directed by supervisor. Assist in record keeping, photocopying, tutoring, and behavior modification at educational site as needed. Qualified candidates must have at least an Associate’s degree or completed 2 years of post-secondary education. Related experience preferred. Assistant teachers with 30-day sub permits may also sub for a teacher. The subs will fill in during the absence of full-time staff. (ongoing recruitment)

Food Service Coordinator (Orange)

FT/40 hrs. Responsible for receiving, processing and distributing breakfast and lunch for students who participate in the National School Lunch Program. Ensure all required documentation is completed accurately and on time. (9/4/2020)


Residential Director (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs. Responsible to oversee general operation of the Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP), including monitoring of budgets, staffing levels, and compliance with county, state, and federal regulations. Directly supervises the Program Supervisors and provides clinical supervision. Qualified candidates must have LCSW or LMFT and previous supervisory experience.  Experience providing leadership in a residential environment preferred. (posted 5/8/20)

Program Supervisor (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs.  Provides supervisory oversight to rehabilitation specialists and care coordinators involved in the delivery of mental health services in the STRTP. Qualified candidates must have an MFT or MSW License. Supervisory experience preferred. (posted 6/17/20)

 Transitional Age Youth Case Manager (Santa Ana)

FT/32 hrs. Provide case management services to the non-minor dependents (NMD’s) ages 18-24 that are participating in our THP+FC program. Represent Olive Crest in various collaborative relationships with apartment complexes, job placements, school officials, county liaisons, and any community partners. Develop supportive relationship with youth on caseload, completing case management responsibilities, documentation, and other duties as necessary. Assist THP+FC participants in establishing successful daily routines including school, work, interactions with friends, family, etc. Qualified candidates must have a Master’s degree in Human Services or a related field. (posted 9/18/20)

Youth Partner (Santa Ana)

FT, PT and On-Call. Supervise youth in a Residential group home. This includes mentoring and being a good role model, teaching independent living skills, behavior modifications, and crisis management. Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Sociology, Psychology or related field preferred but not required. Previous experience working with youth is preferred. (ongoing)

Overnight Youth Partner (Santa Ana)

FT/32-40 hrs. Supervise minors during the overnight shift to ensure their safety and security. Must remain awake during the shift to complete bed checks regularly as well as some light housework and paperwork. Qualified candidates must have a related Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience. (posted 9/20/19)

Parent Partner (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs. Works directly with families to provide social and emotional support, and serve as a liaison between the Family Team and the service systems serving the participants through a mentoring/coaching relationship. Qualified candidates must have been involved with the Child Welfare Services, Probation Department, or Mental Health System. (posted 9/18/20)


Program Supervisor (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs. Responsible for overall program supervision of Wraparound Services. Responsible for program documentation, as well as support for Care Coordinators, Youth Partners, and Parent Partners. Qualified candidates must have MFT or MSW and be license eligible and possess related experience.  Supervisory experience preferred. Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred. (posted 5/29/20)

Parent Partner (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs. Works directly with families to provide social and emotional support, and serve as a liaison between the Family Team and the service systems serving the participants through a mentoring/coaching relationship. Qualified candidates must have been involved with the Child Welfare Services, Probation Department, or Mental Health System. (posted 8/21/20) Wraparound Youth Partner (Santa Ana)

Wraparound Youth Partner (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs. Responsible for providing service within the context of Wraparound, which assists the child in learning the skills necessary to interact successfully with adults and peers across all settings. This would include providing consistent, reinforcing support to youth that enables them to learn and practice pro-social behavior, problem solving, and coping skills in the least restrictive family setting with minimal reliance on formal supports. Qualified candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services or a related field. Should also have experience working with youth in an employment or volunteer capacity. (posted 8/21/20)

Wraparound Clinician (Santa Ana)

FT/40 Clinician to provide therapeutic services to children, adolescents, and families via Wraparound with the goal of achieving/maintaining permanence and stability. Develop and implement client treatment plans. Complete progress notes and enter all information into program database. Qualified candidates must possess an MFT, MSW, or LPCC, and be registered with the BBS. (posted 9/18/20)


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Psychologist (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs. Responsible for providing therapeutic services to clients, including but not limited to, testing, assessment, treatment planning, individual and group therapy, discharge planning, and participation in Child and Family Team. Qualified candidates must have a Doctorate degree in Psychology or Social Work, and registration with the BBS. (posted 7/17/20)

Nurse (Santa Ana)

FT/32 hrs. Assure that clients are provided with quality medical services as it pertains to Mental Health. Assure that medication logs for psychotropic and PRN medications are maintained at all times in a complete and accurate state. Review referrals for medication evaluation and support services to ensure completeness and compliance with requirements. Collaborate with parents, caregivers, Social Workers, and other providers to obtain necessary consents and reports. Qualified candidates must be a Licensed Vocational Nurse or Licensed Psychiatric Technician. (posted 8/21/20)