New House of Hope Location to Help Over 300 More Children and Families


Have you heard the great news? I’m thrilled to announce that Olive Crest has a new space, which will allow us to serve over 300 more children and families in need of help by the year 2020.

We are calling it the “House of Hope,” and we want all of our Olive Crest friends and supporters to help us get it ready. You can help us reach our goal of $200,000 by June 31.

Right now, we’re asking everyone to help us by making a special House of Hope donation to provide things like:

  • A brand new outdoor playground where children can run, laugh, and engage in play therapy
  • Twice as many counseling and treatment rooms for both children and parents in crisis
  • Ample pantry space for our Child Resource Center where families can come for grocery staples and necessities
  • Upgraded comfortable waiting rooms and play areas for kids

Truly, you are critical to the future of children suffering abuse and neglect, families in crisis, and the transformational work that will shine light on the darkness of child abuse in our community.

Your special House of Hope donation will be put to work right away to prepare for the kids, families, and teens desperately needing help.

And, for your generous gift of $500 or more, we’ll honor you with a personally inscribed leaf on our House of Hope Family Tree, which will be showcased in the lobby to honor your compassion.

We need to meet out goal of $200,000 by June 31. Please make your donation by going to www.olivecrest/hopehouse today!

Thank you!
Jeff Judy
Executive Director, Olive Crest

P.S. In the coming weeks, we’ll send you more information and updates on our goal. Please join us in serving over 300 additional at-risk children and families, and make your donation today.

6 thoughts on “New House of Hope Location to Help Over 300 More Children and Families

  1. Debbie Gallagher on

    Is this house of hope for foster children or homeless families?

  2. Debbie Gallagher on

    So this is a capital campaign for your building and not placements for foster kids?

  3. Melodee MacKinnon on

    My daughters that attend UW are part of a campus ministry that is looking to expand its service in the community. Reformed University Fellowship would like to learn more about the House of Hope and to discuss ideas for an upcoming service project that could involve about 20 students. If you are interested in engaging young adults in your work, please contact Jesse MacKinnon 253-432-2496 or I believe they were looking for a summer or early fall project. All the best in your new endeavor to serve those in need.

  4. Jessica Garcia on

    So thankful they are willing to serve in our community! Thanks for the recommendation Melodee!

  5. Jessica Garcia on

    Hi Debbie, thanks for reaching out! The House of Hope campaign is providing more services for our foster kids and families. We are not an agency that finds or provides housing for homeless families.

  6. Jessica Garcia on

    Hi Debbie, Yes this is a capital campaign for our building. We have grown to the point that we needed more space so that we can provide more services to more kids and families.

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