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Olive Crest is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse, the education and treatment of at-risk children, and to preserving the family…One Life at a Time®.

Each child, teen, family or parent comes to us with unique needs, backgrounds and stories. We tailor our programs and services to meet these individual needs, and to help set a course that will lead to safety and transformation through the healing power of family.

If you are interested in learning more about the variety of programs and services we offer, please call 702.685.3459.

Respite Care

Every parent knows that raising a child takes a lot of love and a lot of work. Caring for a child with special needs requires an extra amount of dedication and diligence in ways that others may not understand. Without a proper support network in place, families caring for a child with special needs may sometimes need a break. Olive Crest Respite Services can provide that break.

If you are interested in becoming a Respite Caregiver, please fill out an application below.