Do you feel called to host a child in your home? Whether you provide a child with a short-term stay or longer-term care, your loving home can be an incredibly important stop on their journey — one that leads them to a hopeful, healthy future. Each child is different, coming to us with all manner of abuse and neglect experiences, and requiring varying levels of care.

Here in Nevada, our specialized areas of foster care are:

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Respite Care

Respite parents are available to assist other Olive Crest foster families when they have a family emergency, need a break, or have to travel and cannot bring the child(ren). Families are able to choose to provide respite care in addition to longer term foster care, or have the option to just provide respite care.

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Foster Care for Siblings

It’s so important to keep siblings who have been removed due to abuse and neglect to stay together. Parents in our Sibling Foster Care program should have a heart to provide a home for 3 children or more.

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Treatment Foster Care

Parents provide a therapeutic home environment for children who have a mental health and/or behavioral diagnosis that often require more services and interventions to help them to heal. These children receive support with basic life skills, social and relational issues and attend mental health therapy.

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Foster to Adopt

We help facilitate adoption services for foster families wishing to provide a forever home to foster children in their care, and who won’t be able to reunite with biological parents.


If becoming a foster parent through Olive Crest sounds like something you would be interested in pursuing, please click below to contact one of our dedicated fostering case specialists who will provide you with further information. Thank you for the time and importance you have placed on making your decision.

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