Mental Health Partnerships for Schools

Every Student Deserves a Rewarding Educational Experience.

From the very beginning, Olive Crest has believed that a child’s safety and education are key to their lifelong success. However, we know that doing well in school requires more support for some students than others. Children without a healthy home environment, positive role models, or fundamental learning skills will not progress as easily as their peers. Those who have suffered from trauma or underlying mental health issues are at even greater risk of learning loss.

Olive Crest recognizes that schools are coping with unprecedented demands on teachers and administrators, making it difficult to sustain training and programs that meet the needs of their most vulnerable students. As a trusted community resource for nearly 50 years, Olive Crest is here to help. As partners, we can care for these students together — ensuring they receive the services, instruction, and compassion they need to reach their full potential.

Support for Students, Families, and Staff

Olive Crest is equipped to deliver a wide range of services, from counseling in the school setting to intensive services like Wraparound, when stressors outside the classroom impact a student’s education. Our approach is aligned with the California Department of Education’s Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) and provides a problem-solving methodology built on evidence-based interventions that can serve all students, depending on the level of need.

Whenever possible, Olive Crest strives to reach children before crisis occurs. Early intervention is better for the student, family, and the school. Intervention at Tiers 1 and 2 may prevent the need for costly and more restrictive Tier 3 interventions that put students at risk for non-public school or out-of-state residential placement.

Basic Needs and Beyond

Olive Crest’s dedication to the whole child is woven into every service we provide. We know students are more likely to thrive in the classroom when they are sleeping in a loving and safe home, and able to maintain proper hygiene and eating habits. As a first step towards improved emotional and behavioral health, we expertly assess the needs of the whole student so that their most basic physical requirements can be addressed.

Here, When and Where You Need Us

Olive Crest’s services may be provided at school, in the community, in the home, via telehealth, or at one of our many locations.

Mental Health Partnerships for Schools 8

When partnering with Olive Crest, you will also receive:

  • Expertise fueled by more than 25 years working with school districts to help students succeed
  • Ongoing communication with your student’s school team to facilitate alignment in prioritizing goals
  • A “social work” approach that aims to connect families with local resources for long-term support and success rather than relying on professional intervention

Learn More:

For more information about Olive Crest’s many opportunities for partnership, please contact:

Nina Frankman, Director of Educational Services

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