“Food for Thought” Prepares Young Adults for the Future

by Chaplain Frank Fried

Several times over the past year, our Chaplaincy Program* has worked in conjunction with one of our programs called “Transitional Housing” to hold periodic “Food For Thought” meetings/dinners. This is an evening when young adults at Olive Crest, ages 18-22 preparing for life as self-sufficient adults, are invited to a dinner and discussion about a topic related to successful independent living. We’ve covered topics like: anger management, dating, honesty/integrity, school shooting, finances, dealing with tough times, and life goals.

These small group discussions provide a safe and casual setting to talk about serious topics and issues that can greatly affect the quality of life for all adults. It has been amazing to see these young adults open up about their dreams, values, fears, and plans for the future. Without fail, the young participants offer great insight beyond the scope of the discussion points prepared by the Olive Crest staff who are leading the discussion.

Observation: These young adults are survivors!  And they’re intelligent! Some of these topics seldom come up in conversations with a roommate or at a coffee shop. But when given a little nudge in a positive direction, they are very thoughtful and aware that their decisions greatly influence their success in life.

This is one of countless efforts/programs taking place with children, youth, adults and families at Olive Crest which truly “Make a Difference, One Life at a Time!”®

*Our Chaplaincy program at Olive Crest serves to address and encourage religious/spiritual needs of Olive Crest staff, as well as kids and families we serve. All Chaplaincy-related efforts are attended on a completely voluntary basis and receive no government funding.