Equipping for Life

At Olive Crest, we believe that children in crisis can experience transformation, stability, and support through the healing power of community and family.

Equipping kids for life is a lifelong commitment. Decades of experience have shown that it’s not just in times of crisis that we need to belong and feel a sense of support, but always.

We don’t leave our kids on their own once they reach a certain age, but come alongside and support them for as long as they might need. Once an Olive Crest kid, always an Olive Crest kid.

How does Olive Crest Equip Kids for Life?

Equipping for Life


Equipping for Life 1


Equipping for Life 2

Life Skills

Why equip for life?

Many children, after aging out of the foster care system at age 18, are left without resources, connections, or a supporting adult to help them navigate the challenges of independent life. 60% become effectively homeless, and only half have gainful employment by the age of 24.

Olive Crest is a lifelong resource for our youth. Kids know that they can come back to us for guidance, help, and support. Some of the services we offer to kids and their families include:

Operation Independence

A comprehensive program that provides foster youth 15-24 years of age with the support and training that is necessary to become independent and successful adults.


A ministry to address the spiritual needs of our youth by providing activities and opportunities to encourage them to explore this area of their lives.


A strategy to “wrap” an at-risk family with support, coaching and mentorship. Each member of the family can be assigned an age-appropriate “partner” whose primary purpose is to walk side-by-side with them in the midst of their crisis.

Mental Health

Our mental health staff provide special services such as crisis intervention, therapy, psychiatric assessments, medication management, and Therapeutic Behavioral Services.

Olive Crest Academy

We focus on the unique needs of the whole child, ensuring every student is provided the support, resources, and instruction they need to grow in all areas of life.

Other Services

Includes our residential program for teens, alumni services with monthly seminars, parent education courses, and special medical care.