Orange County

Corporate and Development

National Church Engagement Director (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs.  This position is responsible for providing leadership and strategy for the overall direction of church engagement within Olive Crest. Qualified candidates require a Bachelor’s degree and at least five years’ experience in church relations, non-profits, and volunteer engagement. Position also requires excellent communication skills and effective written communication, excellent project management skills, and strong computer skills (including MS Office).

Regional Program Director (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs. The Orange County Regional Program Director reports directly to the Executive Director of Orange County and is responsible for the overall operation of group homes, transitional housing, residential and family preservation programs in the Orange County Region. The OC RPD oversees and directs the planning, implementation and coordination of all program policies and procedures concerning these divisions, the budgeting and fiscal performance of each of the programs, and other activities as directed by the Executive Director. Qualified candidates must have a related Master’s degree and relevant leadership experience. (posted 1/13/17)

Digital and Social Media Coordinator (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs. Responsible to manage the Social Media content for our Corporate Development Department. This includes but is not limited to creating written, graphic and video content, work with vendors and retailers to coordinate campaigns, as well as write and distribute newsletters to subscribers. Qualified candidates should have two years related experience and a working knowledge of social media platforms and Adobe Creative Suite. (posted 12/8/17)

Olive Crest Academy


Assistant Teacher (Orange)

FT/40 hrs. Responsible for assisting teachers in guiding students in the classroom. Responsible for the transportation of clients to and from school as directed by supervisor. Assist in record keeping, photocopying, tutoring, and behavior modification at educational site as needed. Qualified candidates must have at least an Associate’s degree or completed 2 years of post-secondary education. Related experience preferred. Assistant teachers with 30-day sub permits may also sub for a teacher. The subs will fill in during the absence of full-time staff. (ongoing recruitment)

School Nurse (Orange)

FT/30 hrs. Assure that students are provided with quality medical services as it pertains to the students’ IEP/Health Care Plans. Collaborate with district personnel on development and maintenance of student Health Care Plans as needed. Attend to students who are ill or not feeling well. Contact parent/guardian for pick-up if needed to be sent home. Prepare and send out letters for students exposed to contagious illness or conditions. Ensure that all medication logs for psychotropic and PRN medications are maintained accurate and current at all times. Train staff on all medically related issues. Responsible for the implementation of the School Emergency Response Framework (includes Emergency and Disaster Plan, Safety Plan). (posted 12/8/17)


House Parents (Tustin)

FT/40 hrs.  A couple who will live in Olive Crest residential homes creating a family environment for at-risk children and youth aging 6-18 years. After completing our in-house paid training, you will take on a life-changing mission by guiding, counseling, and helping to meet the emotional, educational and daily needs of our at-risk children and youth. We are looking to you to provide compassion, internal strength and competence for these kids.  Qualified candidates should have related professional or personal experience. A Bachelor’s degree in a related field is preferred. (posted 12/15/17)

Case Manager (Santa Ana)

FT/40hrs. Provide Case Management Services to the non-minor dependents (NMDs) that are participating in our THP+FC program.  Meet weekly with youth to work on goals set forth to increase their success in all areas of their life. Represent Olive Crest in various collaborative relationships with apartment complexes, job placements, school officials, county liaisons and any community partner. Qualified candidates should have a related Master’s degree and at least three years’ of experience with transitional age youth. (posted 3/31/17)

Case Manager (Tustin)

FT/40 hrs.  Responsible for major part of the care and supervision of youths, including implementing the treatment plan, developing and maintaining relationships with each youth that communicates acceptance, warmth, interest and understanding. Provide resources, guidance and support to youth in the transitional housing program and help to maintain guidelines. The Case Manager is part of a team whose mission is to help youth learn experience skills, which are necessary for successful transition into self-sufficiency.  Must have related experience with TAY population and a related Master’s degree.  (posted 12/15/17)

Youth Partner (Santa Ana)

FT/various hrs. Supervise youth in a Residential group home. This includes mentoring and being a good role model, teaching independent living skills, behavior modifications, and crisis management. Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Sociology, Psychology or related field.  Previous experience working with youth is preferred. (posted 12/9/16)

Youth Care Specialist (Tustin)

FT/40 hrs. The Youth Care Specialist will work under the direction of the House Parents and be responsible for major part of the daily care of clients. This includes developing and maintaining relationships with each client that communicates acceptance, warmth, interest and understanding. Duties may include planning and facilitating activities, preparing meals for and/or with residents, supervise residents at all times, provide transportation to appointments, and intervene during crisis.  Qualified candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and speak fluent Spanish. Related experience is strongly preferred. (posted 10/9/17)

Family Preservation

Parent Educator (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs. Responsible to coordinate and teach Parenting Education Classes in the Orange County Communities. The Educator will foster relationships within the community that will result in scheduling and facilitation of classes. Qualified candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree and relevant experience and speak fluent Spanish. (posted 10/9/17)

Child Care Educator (Santa Ana)

PT/10 hrs. Responsible to provide supervision and education to children ages 1-17 in the community during Parenting Education Courses. Qualified candidates must speak fluent Spanish and have experience working with children. (posted 10/13/17)

Care Coordinator (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs. Work directly with families to develop services for families referred for Wraparound services.  Facilitate and oversee the Family Team process. Qualified candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field and relevant work experience. Case management experience preferred. (posted 11/3/17)

Safe Families for Children

No Openings

Foster and Adoptions

Administrative Assistant (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs.  Provide support services to Foster and Adoption staff. Qualified candidates should be proficient in Microsoft Office and have relevant administrative experience. Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required. (posted 12/20/17)

Foster Case Manager (Santa Ana)

FT/40 hrs.  Provide services to 12-15 children (caseload will be prorated based on hours worked per week). Supervise the placement for each assigned foster child and provide support for the child and foster parents. This includes ensuring that each child’s needs are met, as well as, instructing, counseling, training, and supporting foster parents in dealing with the foster child’s needs and problems, and making sure that each foster home is in compliance with all Olive Crest Foster Family Agency policies, County policies and Title 22 policies. Qualified candidates must have a related Master’s degree and relevant experience.  (posted 11/10/17)