You can help provide 3 children with a night of safety and care for $21.93

Olive Crest has thousands of children who will need care tonight.

Did you know that every 10 seconds, a new report of child abuse is made? That is 4 million reports each year. Five children will die today, and many more will be injured or neglected.

Olive Crest is working to make sure thousands of these children grow up in a strong family, free from pain, fear, and isolation.

The good news is that because Olive Crest leverages your giving for the greatest impact, you can provide safe refuge for 3 children for only $21.93 a night! 

Your gift today will help heal traumatized children through the power of love and care given by an Olive Crest family.

Provide a Child with the Love They Need.

For just $21.93, you can provide 3 children with a night of safety and care.

GIVE NOW to help provide a loving, stable home for these children. Because every child needs a strong family. 

Friends like you have helped children to survive the abuse, many finding a caring, forever family!

Thousands of children need the love that an Olive Crest family can provide to thrive.

YOUR GENEROUS GIFT will help children overcome the odds against them.