Transformed Lives

Damian Olive Crest

Damian – Age 4

Damian was placed in foster care due to allegations of physical abuse by his mother. For the next year, Damian’s father Keith worked hard to show that he could provide a safe and healthy home for his son.

Olive Crest assisted Keith by providing him with the tools to be a strong parent through parenting classes and support to be a full-time father. After a year of his dad’s hard work and trials, Damian was able to go home to his dad. Damian now has a safe, loving home where he can be a happy, active little boy.

Ashley – Age 13

When Ashley was 10 years old, she dealt with one of the saddest things a child could experience: Her mom passed away on Mother’s Day. Ashley’s father abused her and her older sister, and when she was 13, Ashley and her sister were removed from their home.

After five foster family placements, they went to meet a potential adoptive family. Ashley was afraid that when the family met her and her sister, they would not want them anymore—but she was wrong. Ashley and her sister are now happily waiting for their adoption to be final. Ashley feels that finding her forever family seems too good to be true, but she is ready for a new life with a mom, dad, her biological sister, and two new siblings.

Elijah – Age 14

To escape a harsh life of abuse, Elijah lived in a delusion featuring a life with wealthy parents. He created a world in which his mother was an heiress and his father was a pro football player. Olive Crest staff patiently guided him as he confronted reality—the reality of his mother being on public assistance and feeling so sick that she can’t care for Elijah, while his father is in prison. Our staff helped Elijah get away from his fantasies and make rational decisions for his future. He still dreams, but thanks to Olive Crest, Elijah is now equipped to take hold of healthy dreams and make them happen.

Eileen Olive Crest

Eileen – Age 11

Eileen was a victim of sexual abuse. Her father was deceased, and her mother and her mother’s boyfriend used methamphetamine and marijuana. Eileen was behind in school and had emotionally shut down. Once in foster care, Eileen started letting go of her past life. She was adopted by her foster family and now has an extended family that loves and cares about her. She had a traumatic history, but Eileen can start to heal now that she has found her forever home.

Jacob Olive Crest

Jacob – Age 3

When Jacob arrived at Olive Crest, he was beaten and bruised with broken ribs and a swollen lip. He was born addicted to drugs and was never given the love and care of a family. At Olive Crest, Jacob was immediately placed with a foster family. In time he was able to bond with the foster parents through their constant smiles and hugs. Soon Jacob could talk, play, and laugh like a child.

Jacob was later successfully adopted into a loving family. Today he’s taking in all the love and attention he so richly deserves, from his loving home.

Maria – Age 15

Maria came to Olive Crest on probation straight from Juvenile Hall. She hung out with a local gang and had problems with drugs. In addition, she had not attended school for three years, so when Maria came to Olive Crest she was completely illiterate. Since her placement, Maria has been sober for two years and actively attends school every day. Making great strides in her reading and writing, Maria was able to earn an A average on her last report card.

She also volunteers at a local adult day care service, where she spends her time helping patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Maria has successfully completed her time at Olive Crest and will be reuniting with her mother over the next few months.


Rodriguez Family Olive Crest

The Rodriguez Family

Mr. Rodriguez had been out of work for some time, and the family struggled to pay the bills from month to month. Their power was shut off close to Christmas, and they didn’t expect to be able to give their children anything for the holidays.

Because of the Olive Crest “Be the Miracle” program, the Rodriguez family received a basket of food, groceries, Target gift cards, and stockings for the children. As Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez welled up with emotion, they knew they would be all right this Christmas, thanks to generous donors.