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About Olive Crest Academy:
Olive Crest Academy was established in 1993 to provide an educational program for children whose psychological and emotional needs make success at regular public schools difficult.

Olive Crest Academy readies students for lifelong success by offering a rich educational experience in an engaged, family-based learning environment. Drawing on Olive Crest’s long history serving children and families, our goal is to help young people become successful learners—and productive members of the community—despite the roadblocks they have encountered. Through our individualized approach, students who may be at risk of falling behind academically are empowered to thrive.

To best serve our students, in 2013, Olive Crest Academy combined our Canal Elementary and Middle School and TEC Secondary School sites into one campus, offering grades K-12.

Olive Crest Academy Philosophy:
Olive Crest Academy provides a team approach to learning and behavioral management. Specific academic and behavioral problems are addressed at weekly treatment team meetings which include the teacher, assistant teacher, behavior specialist, therapist, parent/case-manager, members of the clinical and administrative teams, and any designated instructional service providers. Therapeutic intervention by team members is an ongoing process, which involves diagnosing a student’s abilities, planning an appropriate curriculum, implementing the plan, and modifying as needed. The team is able to use the student’s strengths while helping to remediate areas of delay in basic psychological processes and academic skills.

Upon entering Olive Crest Academy, students are given a battery of standardized academic tests to determine their functional grade levels in academic areas (unless current/recent test results are received upon initial intake). This information, in conjunction with approved Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) goals, past portfolios, work samples and transcripts, and individual aptitudes, is used to develop a course of study for the student. Class sizes are small, averaging 8 to 14 students, and the student to staff ratio varies from 1:1 to 6:1 based upon student needs. Instruction is individualized to meet the interests and needs of each student.

Olive Crest Academy follows a model of positive behavioral intervention. A levels system of rewards is followed, which assigns points for academic and behavioral expectations. School and classroom rules are clearly defined. Rewards and consequences are applied on a consistent basis. Growth and learning requires teamwork between the student, the school and home, with a collaborative program model. The key to successful teamwork is communication. Parents and staff are integral participants in the philosophy of the schools. Learning to live and work together cooperatively and methods of solving everyday problems are important parts of the program. The staff at Olive Crest Academy believes that personal growth and love of learning should be nurtured as a lifelong process.

Individualized counseling and group therapy are provided to all students. Speech and language services are available to those students who require them.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Olive Crest Academy

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Director of Special Education
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Admissions Director
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Site Director
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