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Information on Becoming a Foster or Adoptive Family

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Thank you for expressing an interest in becoming an Olive Crest Foster or Adoptive Family.

Olive Crest is a private, non-profit organization that serves the community by providing homes for children who are dependents of the state. These children have been taken into state custody due to abandonment, neglect and/or abuse. Therefore, the children we care for require that foster and adoptive parents be educated on the special emotional needs these children may have. We provide in home support, on-going education classes and reimbursement for the care of children. Our Foster and Fost/Adopt Parents are the primary agents of healing in the lives of the children we serve. We desire to equip our parents with the tools they need to have a positive impact on these children's lives.

Foster and Fost/Adopt Parents provide the primary care and supervision for these children. Therefore, Olive Crest Foster and Fost/Adopt Parents need to ensure a safe, nurturing and stable home environment that encourages the emotional and physical development of each child. Foster parent involvement can range from short-term care for children to adopting a child. 

Olive Crest has a 30 year history of providing care for children in need. Olive Crest was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, which are reflected in the care we provide and our treatment philosophy. While we recruit Foster and Fost/Adopt Parents from many areas of the community, we have attracted a large contingency of families from local churches. Olive Crest complies with state licensing requirements and manages each home within their guidelines.

If becoming a Foster or Fost/Adopt Parent through Olive Crest sounds like something you would be interested in pursuing, please click the "Agree" link which will prompt you to fill out a pre-application survey (approximately 30 minutes to complete). Thank you for your time and importance you have placed on making your decision.

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Before completing a pre-application I'd love to speak to a Foster Family Specialist!

Inland Empire/Coachella Valley or Victorville

If you do not live in an area Olive Crest serves, we suggest you contact your local state or county agency to learn more about the foster or foster/adopt process in your community. You may also want to explore the following sites for local resources and assistance. 

Christian Infant Adoption Agencies:

Bethany Christian Services Adoption Agency 
Nightlight Christian Adoptions

Foster and Adoption Resource:

California Kids Connection
Christian Alliance for Orphans

Please help us serve you better through our foster and adoption services!

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