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Santa Ana Secondary School
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Santa Ana Secondary School is a division of Therapeutic Education Centers located in the City of Santa Ana, which is in Orange County. Santa Ana Secondary serves students who receive special education services from seventh grade through twelfth grade, with specialized behavioral needs. The staff teaches, offers support and reinforces pro-social behaviors with the ultimate goal that the students will internalize these positive behaviors.

Click here to view a copy of Santa Ana Secondary School's Accountability Report Card for 2007.

The program is a highly structured academic setting with a 1:4 staff to student ratio, which provides a high level of support to students in need. The staff monitor, evaluate and reward positive behavior every 30 minutes, every day and every week, which provides clear behavioral expectations and guidelines for pro-social behavior. Students learn to evaluate their own behavior and develop self-awareness, healthy communication and self-esteem.

Educationally, the Santa Ana Secondary school program mirrors that of the school district of residence, in that they use core curriculum that meets state standards. Each student's academic program is highly individualized and the staff utilizes a variety of teaching modalities to address each of the needs of the students. Each classroom has a Master, credentialed Teacher and two instructional aides who provide a positive and safe learning environment. Santa Ana Secondary offers a specially designed Physical Education program that incorporates academics with physical movement to further enhance learning.

Click here to see the TEC Santa Ana Secondary School Calendar for 2008-2009.

Santa Ana Secondary School
Site Director: Julie Lucas, M.A.
1010 W. 17th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92706
(714) 836-3100   Fax (714) 245-2110

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.